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Welcome To Sign and Drive Auto
Auto Sales & Leasing Corp.

We come with over 10 years of experience in the automobile business, that’s exactly why we offer this service, because we know what you go through when it comes to shopping for a vehicle.
We have Been in the car business for so long we realize that everybody hates this process. We’ve met so many people that were intimidated by the salesperson /dealership personnel, because of their past experience. This is the best way to get the best deal, you don’t need to move from the accommodations of your home to get your car because we will deliver the vehicle for you.  There is not a back and forth in between the manager and the salesperson cause they don’t exist in our process. There is only two people involved in the entire process: You and Me (no finance managers or desk managers trying to raise the price and cost of the vehicle and sneak in fees)
You don’t have to waste time, energy and gas going from one dealership to another trying to get the best deal, because we will do that for you. With the relationship built through the years we deal with a wide range of dealerships of different manufacturers so we ensure that you will get the best deal right from the start. We know all the rebates and incentive that you are entitled to and with that we will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars on a purchase or lease of any new vehicle.
Get a quote before you visit the car dealership! We offer you Lease or purchases deals on new cars, trucks, vans or sport utility vehicles. Get a no-hassle, no-obligation FREE New Car Quote before you step into dealerships.

Save money! Contact us today!!

Our 10 years of leasing experience & high volume through our dealer network enable us to get much lower prices than any individual customer could on their own. A typical customer leases one car every 3 years, we’ve been leasing thousands every year for the past 10 years. We also know all the hidden rebates and discounts that a regular customer won’t know about.
Yes, all our cars are brand new.
Yes, all new cars come with the full manufacturer bumper to bumper warranty & all other benefits.
All of our cars come with the full manufacturer bumper to bumper warranty & all other benefits and can be taken to any dealer for service.
Your new car can be picked up at our main location in Hicksville, NY. We can also arrange to have a specialist deliver it to you directly anywhere NY, NJ, CT at a reasonable cost.
You can feel free to return your end of lease vehicle to us or any authorized dealer in the country.
All of our leases are closed-end & have a set buy back option if you would like to purchase it at the end of the lease.
Most of our leases and finance are directly with the manufacturers own finance division or a top rated leasing institution.
Most car companies advertise a low monthly payment with thousands of dollars down (cap cost reduction), we take a different approach by listing all of our cars with $0 down (cap cost reduction). In either situation there still is money due at signing on each lease, for example the first monthly payment, bank fee, and local tax & dmv fees). We can easily incorporate some or all of the amount in to the monthly payments if you prefer.


Many of our cars are in dealer stock & can be delivered the very next day. If one of the dealers in our network do not have the car that you want we can “swap” it in from another dealer or factory order it with your exact specifications. Which could take a few days just like any dealership would.
We value every customer & ask them to publicly rate us on review sites like Google, DealerRater.com, Yelp & others, See for yourself what they have to say at www.thesigndriveauto.com
All of our pictures online are stock or file photos only.  We will be happy to email you pictures of your actual car before delivery.
We do not collect any fee from you. We get paid for our services from the dealer.
You come to our office, fill out some documents/forms agree on a price and we shop for you, it’s as easy as that.
A “One Pay Lease” or a “Pre-Pay Lease” is when a manufacturer offers a special lease rate and requires you to pay the entire lease upfront for a deep discount.

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